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RSGI Limited is a global research and intelligence agency for the legal industry that focuses on resilience, sustainability, growth and innovation for law firms, in-house legal teams and law companies around the globe. With unique insights and frameworks built up over thirty years, the four founders (Reena SenGupta, Yasmin Lambert, Tom Saunders and Mary Ormerod) enable the industry to think more clearly about the future, charting and analysing evolutions in the business and practice of law.

The law is all about people. With rapid digital transformation and the rise of disciplines such as design-thinking in the legal industry, the focus on talent engagement and management has become even more acute.​ The RSGI team runs workshops and training events to effect mindset change in lawyers, to help them stay relevant in the face of sometimes alarming change.
The rise of stakeholder capitalism means we are living in very changed world. New pressures, new challenges. The profession has yet to figure out how best to use its influence to help build a sustainable future for the planet. ​ We are using our nexus position to bring the industry together to collaborate and share best practice. ​ The RSGI Green Print is our best practice guide for law firms.
We advise law firms and other legal businesses how to grow, through mergers and client acquisition strategies. ​Part of our offering is grounded in an understanding of the trends that are transforming the legal industry and competitor pressures. ​From client-listening programmes to strategic advice, we help organisations move into the near-future.​ We launched the RSGIndia Grow Awards in 2019, and have a track record in helping the Indian legal sector grow and develop since 2008 through our ground-breaking rankings and benchmarking reports. ​ Our advice also covers remuneration systems, business development plans and developing better brand identities.​
We’ve always been into innovation. As founders of the FT Innovative Lawyers programme in 2006, we have the world’s best insight and understanding into what legal innovation is and how lawyers innovate. We continue as the content and research partner to the programme over three regions, Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. ​ We too have become innovative and bring this mindset into our advisory work, thought-leadership and our training and development and speaking engagements. ​