Interwoven: 6 Evolutions in the Practice of Law

Reena Sengupta RSGI
Reena SenGupta
1 Jan 2022

We hear a lot about innovation in the business of law. But for most law firms, this still means innovation in the delivery of legal services. ​Little is written about how the practice of law is changing. ​RSGI’s conversations with thousands of private practice lawyers and GCs over the past three years have revealed significant changes in the practice of law: from digitising clients to non-legal fee-earners in law firms.

However, not all law firms are ready to make these changes. Only 19% of partners in major law firms feel confident they understand the digital economy and its implications for the practice of law.​ The Interwoven report sets out what clients need, the state of play in the profession and explains these six ways law firms need to evolve:

Bringing the whole firm to clients Moving away from single client relationship partners | Tapping non-partner talent to broaden and deepen client relationships | Delivering to clients joined up journeys and dynamic brand association | Co-creation and true partnering with clients.
Topic-based communities of expertise How to facilitate the hive mind in law firms | Practice area lines are already blurring | The impact of industry sector convergence | As businesses transform, the challenges lawyers have to solve are multi-faceted | Risk requires a globally integrated response.
Data-enhanced knowledge Data-enhanced knowledge is being used to: enhance deal skills; win litigation cases; deliver proactive legal advice; give competitive advantage to the firm; and institutionalise individual expertise.
A firm that delivers experiences A new way of getting to know your client | Embedding a human-centred design approach | Facilitating continuous feedback and improvement | The importance of mapping the client’s journey from end-to-end and optimising all touch points | Tech and data provide transparency and personalisation.
Inclusive, fee-earning teams of knowledge professionals Talking about knowledge professionals rather than lawyers | Moving to a flatter, non-hierarchical culture | Empowering non-legal fee earners with new career paths | Cognitive diversity and agile working are non-negotiable for law firms.
Collaborating with peers on client-led platforms Clients want universal standards and approaches | The potential of big data in law needs collaboration to be fully realised | Harnessing a platform business model will be a key driver of economic growth for law firms | Global legal and business challenges require collective action | Your peer group has already changed: are you making the most of them?

Law firms have already changed. We have seen developments that would have been unthinkable 5 years ago.

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