Accelerating Business

Tom Saunders
26 May 2022

The FT Accelerating Business series maps the convergence of technology, data and professional services and how this convergence is transforming business operations and industry sectors.

When RSG Consulting launched the FT Intelligent Business Report in 2018, the convergence of technology and data with professional services was still nascent. Since then, the landscape has changed significantly. Law firm services have developed and the Big 4’s presence is increasingly felt.
Relaunching in 2022 as the FT Accelerating Business report and forum, RSGI and the FT will focus on how becoming digital is reshaping the way services are created and consumed, both in the business and public sectors. With a focus on the legal industry, financial services and the public sector, the report and event look at how the convergence of data, technology and services in these sectors is unlocking extraordinary value from middle to back-office functions to transform the user experience of consumers and customers.

In particular, the series looks at the ‘adjacent possible’ around the legal sector that will give leaders the insights they need to strategise  about the future. It is a rare glimpse of what is next for the legal industry delivered through the lense of how major corporations and government are dealing with the critical operational challenges of the day.

Explore the series online here.

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