Interwoven: Data, Design, Diversity

Reena SenGupta
20 Sep 2021

The evolution of the practice of law is a process that is interwoven with three key elements: data, design and diversity.

These are critical ways of thinking that lawyers must embrace. These tools are vital to enhance knowledge and change the way teams work. The Interwoven report explores how law firms can adopt these tools.

Data: building the right information architecture is key to unlocking the potential of data for a law firm. Data can be a tool for better client experience, real-time legal services delivery, predictive risk analytics and better strategic advice.

Design: the key to the practice of law is client centricity, and a largely untapped tool in this area is the notion of design thinking. Lawyers of the future will spend more time understanding the core problems clients face and designing bespoke solutions. They will have a deep understanding of the client experience and designing interfaces, documentation and an overall project strategy that meets the clients unique and evolving needs.

Diversity: the legal profession has (rightly) focused on demographic diversity and is slowly making progress in this area. Another way that diversity can enhance law firms is through the notion of cognitive diversity. This means bringing together teams with a diverse range of skillsets and experiences. This is not only a means for tackling cognitive bias, but helps unlock solutions that no single expert could conceive: in other words, a cognitively diverse team is greater than the sum of its parts.


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