Mary Ormerod

Mary joined RSG Consulting in 2019 and, as Director of Research and Thought Leadership, currently leads the FT Innovative Lawyers research programme. She writes and develops content for the FT and RSGI on the evolving practice and business of law. She is a contributing writer for the Financial Times and a speaker on innovation and sustainability in law firms and in-house legal teams.

She led the development of the RSGI GreenPrint report, which charts corporate law firms’ responsible business reporting, and conducts research for the RSGI Sustainable Lawyers programme.

Mary helped direct the market-leading virtual format for the FT Innovative Lawyers awards and Global Summits in 2020 and 2021. She has interviewed leading General Counsel from around the world to chart how the role has evolved for the FT Business Legal Leaders Report.

In 2021 Mary analysed years of FT Innovative Lawyers to help develop RSGI’s Interwoven report on the evolution of the practice of law, and helped training materials as part the RSGInspire programme. She also worked on the latest RSG-India Report and its first India Summit.

Mary is a historian by training, with an LLM in Constitutional Politics, Law and Theory. She is currently studying for an NCTJ diploma.

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