What we do

We create content through qualitative research and constant interactions with the global legal industry. Our frameworks and insights help our clients deliver compelling and differentiating strategies across their businesses.

Public Speaking
Merger Broking
Client Listening
We provide advisory services for
Law firm senior management, business development, innovation and strategy teams
General counsel and in-house legal teams
Legal technology and law companies
Big Four and other accounting firms
Individual law firm leaders and general counsel
We help the legal industry stay relevant and innovate
Bespoke programmes for leaders and senior associates in law firms and in-house legal teams
Creative Workshops: virtual and in-person; team building exercises
We are seasoned public speakers and discussion facilitators
For any size event, to inspire and motivate, stimulate thinking and share market trends, insights and RSGI frameworks to better understand a rapidly changing world
We can help structure an event, with unique content and combinations of format and approach 
Our track record includes being the content producers for the FT Innovative Lawyers Global Summit since 2016, designers of the digital FT events through the pandemic, countless IGCC events, and numerous partner conferences and round-tables every year
With RSGI’s unique network of law firms and practitioners and up-to-date intelligence on the market, the team can accelerate the merger/acquisition process from identifying targets, whittling down lists and conducting due diligence
With a team that has been conducting client listening exercises for two decades, RSGI is skilled at interviewing and reading between the lines
We take a psycho-dynamic approach to any project to inform strategic decisions and spot the opportunities. Our deep market knowledge turns client-listening into effective, efficient programmes